Ryan Leaf
Organizational Alignment Expert | Entrepreneur | Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Ryan Leaf.

I'm currently the CEO over at Minsilo, a software company that enables growing companies to align their people around a common set of goals, strategy, and purpose.

I'm also the co-founder of Alignment Management with Ethan Anthony. We record a podcast every Sunday where we discuss best practices, share case studies, and provide in-depth analysis on organizational alignment.

I'm always interested in meeting new people and helping startup founders. If you're interested in chatting further (over coffee or by phone), please reach out.

What I work on

  • CEO at Minsilo, an enterprise SaaS offering that connects day-to-day execution to company goals, strategy and purpose. It is designed as a contributor-first tool.
  • Co-founder at Alignment Management, an industry group that is focused on standardizing the conversation around organizational alignment, strategy, and effectiveness. We're working to create a formal practice of alignment management in companies (instead of just doing it informally).
  • I also work with several startups in Boston, MA on a variety of issues.

What I'm reading right now

  • The Silo Effect - just finished this amazing book. Highly recommend it to anybody who wants to learn how organizational silos affect various industries (including outside of the tech industry).
  • Unlocking the Customer Value Chain - in the middle of reading this book. Teixeira, et. al. go into depth about the trend of "decoupling" activities during the customer journey and how sellers participate in a combination of "value-creating", "value-capturing", or "value-eroding" activities.

    This framework provides a powerful lens to view disruption; e.g. how cabs get riders from point A to B v. how they charge for the service v. how difficult it is to hail a cab. Uber didn't change the first two activities, but they removed many of the value-eroding aspects of traditional car services.

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